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IMMvention's Management Team is led by Dr. Anil Goyal, who serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for IMMvention. Dr. Goyal has more than 20 years of management experience in biotechnology companies that develop novel therapeutics. From 2010-15 he was President, CEO, and co-Founder of Qualiber, Inc. a nanoparticle-based cancer therapeutics company. He has been senior management team member of several biotechnology companies, including MimiVax, Heat Biologics, Optherion, and Serenex. During his career he has worked with small molecule, siRNA, antibody, peptide, nanoparticle and cell therapy based products, giving him a board spectrum of collaborative experience that will be critical in leading IMMvention.

IMMvention's Scientific Team consists of chemical engineers, immunologists, biochemists, chemists, and vaccinologists. The team is led by Drs. Eric Bachelder, Kristy Ainslie, and Jenny Ting,

Dr. Bachelder’s research program at UNC involves the development of novel drug delivery systems for vaccines, as well as immunotherapies against cancer, inflammation, and other debilitating diseases. While a post-doc at the University of California at Berkeley, he invented a series of biodegradable polymers highly engineered for immune applications. He has extensive knowledge and application of biopolymer systems to deliver vaccines and other drugs intracellularly, and is an inventor on four patents.

Dr. Ainslie, an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy at UNC, works on diverse drug delivery strategies which are used to modulate the immune response to prevent or clear infection. In her career, she has developed numerous adjuvant formulations for vaccines and therapies, authored more than 40 publications, has one issued patent, and been part of over $12M worth of research funding, with a large percentage geared toward application of biopolymer systems for intracellular vaccine and drug delivery.

Dr. Ting is an internationally esteemed immunologist who is a pioneer of innate immunity, much of which is driven by intracellular pathways. She is director of the Center for Translational Immunology at the University of North Carolina (UNC) and has published over 290 peer-reviewed articles, with many of them in high impact journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science. She is an inventor on five patents, and is on the Board of Directors of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, American Asthma Foundation, and NIH Board of Scientific Council.

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